Sunday, 22 January 2012

Well another full on kick-ass Body Pump class today, it was great, however the run up to it was rough. It happens every time feeling physically sick before I start. It only happens when I cover other instructors classes, it's a nightmare! Does anyone else have the same problem? However great feed back well done to you guys who topped your PB it was a challenging class, that's why we love it so much! No Pain No Gain! Week ahead looks exciting starting off with 50+ tomorrow morning, fantantastic bunch of people who are so self motivated, they put a lot of us to shame. Don't forget! Army Hour is back on Tuesday morning so excited, AROOO! Task for the week is to make this fabulous LOW FAT, LOW CARB, cake which my dear friend, presented me with! For those who know me they'll be shouting out "Seeing is believing" xx Thanks guys see some of you in the week!

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