Wednesday, 22 February 2012

New Post For Susie!

New Post For Susie! Life has been slightly hectic, work as always has been a great, and training has gone up a gear I feel as though I've got my mojo back! With February almost over whats been going on! The gals and I are now registered for "Tough Mudder" in May, so excited and training is going well. Army Hour is still running and the guys work harder every week, they Rock! As does the Renegade Row which has Now been adapted with toes on the bench(Susie) I've found a gym in Northampton which Im desperately wanting to go to, it looks right up my street, with loads of cross fit exercises programmed in! Need to try and sort something out! Class experiences for February, Body Attack! Has to be on the top of the List, it's still one class that continues to be hardcore, really enjoyed the experience! However it does sometimes depend on who presents the class. Body Pump - Funny story I found out last week there's an instructor in one of the central London gyms, who will go round her class and if she thinks someone isn't working hard enough she will take there bar off them and exchange it for a heavier one!! And people go back for More??

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Well another full on kick-ass Body Pump class today, it was great, however the run up to it was rough. It happens every time feeling physically sick before I start. It only happens when I cover other instructors classes, it's a nightmare! Does anyone else have the same problem? However great feed back well done to you guys who topped your PB it was a challenging class, that's why we love it so much! No Pain No Gain! Week ahead looks exciting starting off with 50+ tomorrow morning, fantantastic bunch of people who are so self motivated, they put a lot of us to shame. Don't forget! Army Hour is back on Tuesday morning so excited, AROOO! Task for the week is to make this fabulous LOW FAT, LOW CARB, cake which my dear friend, presented me with! For those who know me they'll be shouting out "Seeing is believing" xx Thanks guys see some of you in the week!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Wednesday Fat Attack

Well another good FAT ATTACK class everyone worked so hard, loads of high energy good vibe going round the the class. Still looking for my next new challenge looks like it may be tough mudder in May with the gals (not that they know yet) Body Pump Tomorrow new release Yeah! So looking forward to it, so heads up Body Pumpers it's going to be a loud one. SEE YOU ALL LATER X

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Class TimeTable...

Monday: 9.30am  50+ Daventry Leisure Centre exercise class aimed at the 50+ age group

Tuesday: 10.30am  Zumba! Daventry Leisure Centre
               11.30am  Army Hour Daventry Leisure Centre
               7.30pm  Zumba! Daventry William Parker School

Wednesday: 10.30am - 12pm 50+ Strength & Endurance
 Daventry Leisure Centre
                     12pm Fat Attack Daventry Leisure Centre

Thursday:  9.30am "Shape-Up" Daventry Leisure Centre
                   10.45am Body Pump Daventry Leisure Centre
                   7.30pm Fat Attack - Boddington Village Hall TBC

Friday:  9.30am Zumba! (the 50+) Daventry Leisure Centre
              11.00am Zumba! Boddington Village Hall

"HeartBreak Hill" - TBC weather permitting. A weekly challenge for those who want to take their fitness to the next level.